About Us

The Tinker’s Son is an authentic Irish pub…and despite the stereotypes about Irish cuisine, in a true Irish Pub, the gettin’ is good! Chef-Owner Brian Houlihan’s love affair with the restaurant industry began at the age of 13 during a stint as a bottle boy for The Powder Mill Hotel in his hometown of Ballincollig, County Cork. Upon completion of culinary school in Ireland, he ventured abroad at the age of 18 and landed a position with The Harvard Club in Boston followed by roles as the Sous Chef of The Four Seasons and the Executive Chef of The Bostonian Hotel. Now Brian is smitten with the South Shore and it seems the feeling is mutual! The Shepherds Pie is a labor of love – a multi-day, slow-braising, Guinness-drenching exercise in patience. Kitty Houlihan’s Finnan Haddie turns heads as it marches through the dining room. You’d order it on smell alone, and the taste – well, the only one who makes Finnan Haddie better lives in Cork. That’d be Brian’s Mum and it’s her recipe; our Irish Staples are the real deal! Why are our Fish and Chips so good?? Because Mullaney’s delivers our fish fresh, EVERY DAY. Yes, they come on Sundays! 

What’s that certain something you can’t put your finger on in the cole slaw? Ya, it’s love….but it’s Magner’s Hard Irish Cider, too! Ingredients are married with thought. Something more hands-on? Use both paws and grab any one of our unbeatable angus burgers or a Celtic Chicken Sandwich. Comfort Food you’re after? Dive in to some Baked Mac and Cheese with Short-ribs and Blue Cheese or some Bangers and Mashed.Have something lighter in mind? We do too…Roasted Salmon with Mango Salsa, Rosemary Grilled Shrimp, Baked Seafood Trio, Grilled Vegetable Wrap with Hummus, Oysters on the Half-shell or one of *4* Salad Choices offered every day!

Gluten-free Menus include 18 delicious items made with knowledge and the proper tools, including a gluten-free fryolator. Joining us for a bite at The Tinker’s Son feels like going to a friend’s home for dinner. Or your Mum making you her signature dish because you just need her to.

Step into our foyer and I’ll grab you a chair. Let me prepare you a dish from scratch while you discover why The Tinker’s Son was Voted The South Shore’s Best Irish Pub.

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